Monday, September 22, 2008

I Love Bread Machines!

I met a new friend recently and we were talking about baking and how long it can take and how bread machines don't always have a great looking loaf or a good crust. Then my friend mentioned how she discovered the dough setting on her bread machine. She said it is so easy to have it do the hard work then you can cook it in the oven in a normal pan and have really yummy bread:) Amazing! I had no idea how much a bread maker can do. She was even so kind to let me borrow her bread machine. She has a sunbeam one and after reading some reviews it is one of the best for its price range. I can see why, I haven't had any problems and I now have tried 5 different recipes. It is so easy and I love the jam setting too. All you bread maker lovers out there please let me know what bread machines you like so I can ask Santa for a really good one this year. And if any one needs me to try out their bread machine just let me know:) Thanks again Elizabeth!

Another Card

I try to make my cards simple yet pretty. I love flowers and in this card I tried to showcase the patterned paper, which I totally love. I made this card for Levi's Grandmother Sally in memory of her late husband, Jim. I left it blank inside but was thinking of putting on the front "A time to mourn..." and then on the inside "A time to comfort."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Root Canal

Well, I just finished having my first root canal today. It was a big step and a hard thing to deal with but so worth not having any more pain in my mouth. It started a few weeks ago when I started having a bit of a toothache. I waited about a week and until it was pretty painful before going to the dentist(mainly because we don't have dental insurance) I finally went for a check up and found out I needed a root canal. I scheduled it for about a week and a half later but by the next day I just couldn't bear the pain any more. I called after hours on a Saturday and my wonderful dentist called in some pain medicine and antibiotics to help last me until Monday. On Monday at about 1 p.m. they started the root canal and removed the "root" of the problem. Thank goodness for a good friend being able to babysit and for my dentist. Then just today it was finished and I am so glad that it is behind me. It wasn't a really bad one in a way because it didn't have a huge cavity on top of it just a very large filling that just wasn't doing its job anymore. Yeah! I made it:)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cute Card

I had a birthday party I went to last week for a cute little girl named Annie. I made this card for her with my new stamps. It turned out so cute! I love when the cards I make are a big hit.

Weight Watchers

I really do love weight watchers and I am a believer. It has so many good guidelines, ideas, and recipes. I joined at the beginning of August and have lost almost 9 lbs and am working toward my lifetime goal. I hope to be a leader one day even though that will be a huge out of the box experience for me. I really have a good understanding of it though and I really do believe that all of us should try our best to active. I have mainly focused on eating my five a day and not eating too much and trying to avoid or rather limit sweets. I have already had my ups and downs and will continue to but it will be worth it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Bow Making

No, I don't have a little girl or one on the way but YES I love making little bows. My friend Penny had me over to make fall colored bows for our little girls. (My future girl) It was so easy and so much fun. I really love doing crafts and other than scrapbooking don't do much so it was such a fun opportunity for me to learn a new skill. As you can tell I am extremely happy to get a Mommy break and to chat, chat, chat!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Love Walking

I haven't been feeling all that well lately so I hadn't been walking for a while but today I got back on track. I walk with a friend as much as we can during the weekday mornings and we have a great time doing so. Our kids do pretty well and love going to the play ground afterward and we love chatting and getting to know each other better. I love going on walks and it is just so great when you have a walking partner. Thanks Penny:)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just For Me

My sister has a blog for just her and I have really enjoyed getting to know her as a person and not just a sister or a Mother. I thought I would do the same and by so doing maybe I could find, remember, and learn who I am. I am not sure what will come of this website but her goes nothing. Here is a picture of me to get started.