Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Sick Christmas

This Christmas has been very interesting for me because I was so sick. I went to the Doctor for a simple infection and then ended up in the ER that night because I had been throwing up and fainting all day. After 4 hours at the ER and a few pokes and prods later I was sent home to get some rest and take it easy. Luckily there wasn't anything too major wrong with me just some bad reaction to some medication and one body sick and tired of drama.

I still managed not to gain any weight this Christmas week and I was pretty happy about that considering I couldn't really eat for about 2 days and then only ate what I could get down for the next few days. I am feeling much better now and am so glad to have my life back.

I am so grateful that Levi was able to stay home and not have anything going on so he could take care of me and Clark and I am so grateful to my friend Penny for tending Clark while I was in the hospital.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I was tagged a few weeks ago by my friend and relative Kristi and I am finally getting around to responding. Sorry:(

7 Random things about myself

1. I like Sandra Bullock romantic comedies(While you were sleeping being one of my favs)

2. I made a wonderful pumpkin pie this year

3. I never forget to put the club on my car

4. I always call to make sure Levi hasn't forgotten Clark while he is watching him

5. I need naps as badly as Clark does

6. I would seriously consider adopting a child

7. I hate our Christmas stockings that I made