Thursday, September 23, 2010

Using up Fabric

I've been going through all my fabric scraps trying to use them to finish little projects I've been meaning to do. With some extra canvas I had laying around I made this cute little pouch for my sewing machine cords. It turned out pretty well and it is nice to have them all put together. Enjoy:)

How I will store it:)

The pouch itself

The goods...

and my personal favorite the straps.

Another Baby Blanket

Here is another baby blanket I did. It is a simple receiving blanket made out of two pieces of flannel that I quilted with long lines..that you can't see. Then I zigzagged the edges then after trimming up the edges a little I washed it to get a cute little uniform fray.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall is Full of Change

August was full of ups and downs so when September came and even the hint of fall weather was in the air I decided I needed change. I started with a totally new hair cut right before our August trip to Utah...HELLO BANGS! Haven't seen you since grade school. It looks good, sorry for the lame picture, and I adore the change. Since I was feeling so great about that change we had to update a few things in the apt to give it a small make over after we got rid of certain items we weren't using anymore:) We started off with buying table cloths for our dining room table instead of the toddler plastic that we have been using over the years. Then our poor shower curtain needed to be retired since my son and I had thrown up on it a few times and washing it shrunk the poor thing. We went with something dramatic but nice and I have to say I am loving the change that comes with fall.

My bangs...LOVE THEM...sorry this isn't a glamor shot but I was camping.

The Table...yes that is real fruit and we love having easy access to it.

Here is the new bathroom. Levi spray painted a piece of art he got on his mission and we bought towels and the curtain to match.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Motor Free Mondays

I've decided to have Motor Free Monday's. This is one day a week that I will not use my car(unless an emergency). When I was serving an LDS mission in WV we had cars but restrictions on how many miles we could go and so once a month we would have a car fast where we would not use our car for anything for one day. This could be quite the challenge at times but it taught me a lot and we rarely went over our mileage for the month. So that is where the idea came from but I think I want to do it just to save a little money and encourage walking a little more plus it is a little better on our environment too. I live in a fairly walkable community so this shouldn't be too hard to do, plus Monday is laundry day. Wish me luck.