Sunday, January 31, 2010

Book Club Host

I was honored to host book club this month and it was really fun. I know I said I didn't love the ending but after book club I do like the book more because I really enjoyed the read more than the story. It was fun to host and I made my Dad's famous hot cocoa to serve because that(hot cocoa) is what the family in the book like to serve when they had guests over. It turned out great and every one had a lot of fun and the cupcakes a friend brought was the cherry on top!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Here!

My new sewing machine came yesterday and I love it! It has some really cool features that I have already really enjoyed even though I have just done some practice stitches so I can get to know the machine a little better. It is going to be super nice to have and I already have a long list of hopeful projects to do:)

Me looking like an old lady. A happy one though

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sewing is Sew FUN!

I've been waiting for my sewing machine to come(I should get it today) and while I've been waiting I already cut out my first project. A nice crib sized quilt. I hope it turns out okay and that my new sewing machine will work well for it. I will update with more pictures as I get further along in making it. Wish me luck:)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Capture the Castle

I just finished reading "I Capture the Castle" today and I have to admit I didn't love it as much as I had hoped I would. I loved reading a personal journal and I thought it was written well but I just didn't agree with the ending. I really was hoping it would be more like boy meets girl and gets the girl but it wasn't that so much. I still enjoyed reading it and I did like part of the ending but I don't think I would read this book again.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well, I had another birthday and it was a really fun one this year. I started out by going to playgroup and then I went out to lunch at Olive Garden for my favorite soup, salad, and bread sticks with a few friends and then I ended the evening with the best Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake I have ever tasted! Yes, I made it thanks to a friends awesome recipe. It was so great and I am having another piece right now and it is even better, if that is at all possible. I got a lot of cards and phones calls, a few free dinners coming my way, and a couple other things that will make my life a lot easier. I even tucked away some money for my sewing machine fund. All in all it was a great day. Thanks to all that made it that way!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


So Levi and I were watching that 2 and Half Men show and they said something that was not only funny but had a good point. It went something like this:

"You see when life gives me lemons I make lemonade but when life gives you lemons you bite right into them and suck them dry."

It was really funny and it got me thinking about how much I bite into the lemon instead of making something better of it:)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Good Quote

"In this life, we can literally lose everything—home, family, material possessions. He said if I did not return home, I would lose my job. “Do not worry about material things,” I wrote back. “If I lose that job, the Lord will help me find something better.” I finished my mission."

-After Losing Everything, Liahona November 1997

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goals in Review and New Goals

Last year I did really good with my goals until the latter part of the year. Looking back on it I had a lot to do and maybe a little too much. One thing I did really well that wasn't really a goal in the beginning was reading more. I was able to finish on average one book a month. That was great!

This year, I am taking it a little easier. I plan to cut back on computer time on Sunday by not checking my email that day, I am also going to do some sort of spiritual study at least once a day...this could be reading the scriptures, or ensign, genealogy or writing in my journal. Also, I would like to save up money to buy a specific sewing machine I have my eyes on in a sewing shop in Woodbridge.(Any donations would be thankfully accepted..ha ha)After that purchase my goals get a little crazy and I would like to at least sew two quilts and some crib sheets.

Here is to another year with new and exciting adventures and challenges:) I hope you all have great goals to work on this year and that you have a loved one, like I do, who is willing to help you achieve those goals.