Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Burp Cloths

I found a great new baby shower gift idea I totally love. Making burp cloths. It is such a fun and easy project and I had to share my good find. I love this Blog she has a lot of cute ideas and things I will try and do over and over again. I used a thin fleece inside instead of quilting batting, it saved me a few pennies and I think it is softer and matches so I don't have to worry about cutting it out perfectly.

The Count of Monte Cristo

I am taking on the book challenge for my ward's book club and am reading the very long but very beautiful(or so I hear) book of The Count of Monte Cristo! Wow, before this year I have hardly read anything and now I am reading this and get this...I'm enjoying it!

I had to blog about such a thing as this and tell you of my experience in the library yesterday. So I had the book on hold so I could go pick it up easier and when I went to pick it up I saw an older copy of the same book for sale for only 50 cents. I had to buy it since I figured it would take me a little longer than 3 weeks to finish. Can you believe that? It was fate and now I am reading a classic I actually like. Now the hard part is to finish it by the end of October in time for book club. Wish me luck:)

Freezer Family

I guess I am officially a Once a Month Cooking Mom(OAMCM) making us a freezer friendly family. I checked out a few books at the local library about the subject and I have a friend who is just starting to do it too. We cook a lot of meals one day and eat them almost every day making dinner is a snap. I have to admit a lot of mine are freezer to crock pot meals. So far so good and I hope to get better at it.

Also, I am so excited for my new crock pot coming in the mail soon. Check it out: My New Crock pot

Here is my freezer all with 21 easy meals and some lunches for the next two weeks for Levi. Can you imagine what I could do if we could buy an extra freezer for our apt?

P.S. The frozen banana's were put in a bag and I think I am missing a few stew bags.