Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I was tagged a few weeks ago by my friend and relative Kristi and I am finally getting around to responding. Sorry:(

7 Random things about myself

1. I like Sandra Bullock romantic comedies(While you were sleeping being one of my favs)

2. I made a wonderful pumpkin pie this year

3. I never forget to put the club on my car

4. I always call to make sure Levi hasn't forgotten Clark while he is watching him

5. I need naps as badly as Clark does

6. I would seriously consider adopting a child

7. I hate our Christmas stockings that I made


Levi said...

Another thing that is awesome about you is that you always post nice comments on other people's blogs

Bonnie said...

Levi you are too kind. No stop blogging and keep studying:)

Samuel said...
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Samuel said...

"Wonderful Pumpkin Pie"? Is that a self assesment or did you also get compliments? Am I the only other one that reads this blog other than you and Levi?

nbttpowell said...

I have to say you don't give yourself enough credit. You are the best friend anyone can have. Thanks for being mine.

The Veale's said...

Sorry...I don't always go to this blog. Thanks for sharing. Levi you do need to quit blogging and get back to your studyin'