Monday, November 2, 2009

Book Finished

Well, it took me only a month and I finished reading the 1,077 pages of The Count of Monte Cristo! It was a page turner that got started very quickly and has a wonderful story line filled with love, mystery, and revenge. It was really good and I don't totally hate the ending it was just a little sad that's all. I can't believe I enjoyed it as much as I did. I went to the book club about a week before I finished it and I almost lost my motivation to finish since a lot of the ladies there didn't really love the ending. Now that I read it I get what they were saying but the way the writer tells the story you kind of expect the ending before reading it.

Now I am on to my next read. "I Am a Mother" This book is a short fun read so far and every time I put it down it makes me feel good about being a Mom. I can't wait to finish it and return it since I am borrowing this one from a friend who loves it.


Rich & Luz Stearns said...

I Am A Mother is nice. I have it on CD. I listen to it while driving :)

Bobby Sue said...

I said you had inspired me to read the "count", sorry, never started it, but you have really made me want to read it though!

Julie said...

Wow! I've never even read that book. Super great job!