Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goals in Review and New Goals

Last year I did really good with my goals until the latter part of the year. Looking back on it I had a lot to do and maybe a little too much. One thing I did really well that wasn't really a goal in the beginning was reading more. I was able to finish on average one book a month. That was great!

This year, I am taking it a little easier. I plan to cut back on computer time on Sunday by not checking my email that day, I am also going to do some sort of spiritual study at least once a day...this could be reading the scriptures, or ensign, genealogy or writing in my journal. Also, I would like to save up money to buy a specific sewing machine I have my eyes on in a sewing shop in Woodbridge.(Any donations would be thankfully accepted..ha ha)After that purchase my goals get a little crazy and I would like to at least sew two quilts and some crib sheets.

Here is to another year with new and exciting adventures and challenges:) I hope you all have great goals to work on this year and that you have a loved one, like I do, who is willing to help you achieve those goals.


Brian and Tonya said...

Good luck on your goals this year. They sound like good achievable goals. You'll have to post pictures when you get your sewing machine and finish your projects.

Jones said...

I'm with you on the quilts! I already have the fabric for I need to get going.

Lynette said...

Those are great goals...i especially like the one about getting a new sewing machine! that's one of mine too :) so, what shop in woodbridge are you talking about, b/c there is one i've heard about that sells Bernina sewing machines, that i've been wanting to go check out. Oh, and i can't wait to see your quilts too! We should get together and sew sometime!!