Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Hot Cocoa Bar

Finally, I did it! It was very low key but so much fun. My friend was coming to visit yesterday and so I told a few other friends that we were doing hot cocoa at my house and though only two were able to make it, it was really fun to do. It was kind of a birthday celebration for my 30th, that is coming this weekend. My friend, Asenath, brought some cute peppermint/chocolate, stirring sticks, and even surprised me with a wonderful gift of Mary Kay make up, she is my Mary Kay Lady and I love her for it! It is so nice to get some things just for me. I had a great day chatting with friends, talking about babies, and thinking about baby showers. It was so wonderful and we ended the night by having Asenath and her husband over for dinner, it was a great birthday celebration!

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