Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baby Shower #2 Guess Whooo's Have a baby?

This is my second and final baby shower that I had in the area I am now located in. One of the sisters I visit taught in my last ward helped put it together plus two other friends. They made sure I had a great Manassas Baby shower. They did a great job and were so nice to include me, I had a blast visiting with everyone and even had a friend from my new ward come and my cousin as well, I am so glad they made it! It was a double shower with my friend Allison who is having a boy and it was double the fun. The owl theme was so cute and it was fun seeing the boy presents and the girl presents. A big thank you to all that made it a happy and great experience, I really needed it especially since things with baby have been so up and down. Currently things are up and baby and Mom are doing great and I don't have to have the baby today but can wait until 39 weeks as long as all my tests keep coming back normal. A HUGE thank you for all the presents, they are so cute and fun and needed!

The guests of honor with the three hosts

The set up, it was so cute!

All the pregnant mama's attending

The gifts, we love them and it has made the nursery complete, a special thanks to Andree Anne for having the energy to make the bedding set since I wasn't able to do it but really wanted it to be home made!

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