Saturday, November 29, 2008


As you all know that sometimes when you are on weight watchers and are trying to change your life challenges can arise. One of these challenges can be thanksgiving. I prepared as much as I could for the event using tools that I learned at weight watchers . Like making sure I bring lots and fruits and veggies with me while out of town for the big day and packing yogurt and other low point foods. I also made sure I exercised every day, except for Thanksgiving day, so that I could feel better about eating a little more. I packed my smallest pants for the occasion and tried not to starve myself before the big meal. Finally the moment arrived that I was to eat. Everything looked so great but I was determined to lose weight this week especially since I was only 1 pound away from a huge goal. Well I didn't pack my plate too full but I still tried most everything and enjoyed it. I loved being with friends and family and hearing about their past thanksgivings and what they were thankful for. It was a good dinner and I still saved room for pie later that night. Well today I had to face the scale to see if my hard work and determination paid off. It did! I lost 1.8 pounds that week and I feel great. I achieved my goal and I can't believe it.

To all you weight watcher believer keep going, you can do it, just don't give up and you will achieve your goals.

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Samuel said...

Good going Sis, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!