Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Shower

I just helped throw a baby shower for my dear friend Annalise. It turned out so cute! We did a ladybug picnic theme and chose picnic foods and had lot's of red instead of pink. She got a lot of cute little girl stuff and it was just so fun being with friends and mingling. Here are some pictures. I made the cupcakes, mud cups, the ants on a log, and the diaper cake for her.


Bobby Sue said...

So cute! You are really good with those cupcakes! I loved the monkey ones for Clark's birthday too!

Lyndi said...

Wow I've never seen a strawberry topiary (is that what it's called?) before. Very cute. I like how someone is on the cell phone in your group pic, so classic. :)

Julie said...

What an amazing spread! It looks so yummy! Such a cute idea!