Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Twilight Series

I just finished the twilight series a few weeks ago and I loved it! Yes, there were parts that I didn't really like or had a hard time reading but overall I liked the series and I am already getting the itch to read them again. I am not sure what book is my favorite since I liked so much from each book. I liked the over concept of the series from book one and since that is when I fell in love with Edward.(Go team Edward) New Moon was good because I could really see how much Bella was devoted to Edward but it was hard to feel her pain. Book three was good even though I can't exactly tell you why. Book four was great because I loved the wedding and the new Bella. Now I need to read Midnight Sun so I can get even more perspective out of the series. Too bad Stephanie Meyer isn't finishing it. I know this fan would read it:)


Bobby Sue said...

I heard she might finish it because there are so many "off" people trying to do it for her. Let's hope!

Samuel said...

I can't believe this all started with our sister Amy, saying, "Come on I want you to see a good movie with me" then after about the 500th time of her asking you said, why not. Now this is the result. By the way you are on the wrong team, Go Team Other guy!! Jacob is it?