Monday, August 10, 2009

Flashback: 11th Ward RS Camp Out 2006

This is a great memory I have in my first ward as a married women. We were in the 11th ward in SLC and it was an awesome ward! The bishop was so fun and so the ward managed to have activities that every one could come to including dances, bake off's, ice cream socials, and movie nights at the church. Now that I think of it this probably really helped our marriage to go to all of those fun activities together. The Relief society camp out was so fun! It was overnight at some one's vacation home and we all slept every where in the house including the heated tile. The people that owned the house were construction worker family so they built it with odds and ends they had left over. It was pretty cool. This was also my first experience with Cherry Chocolate Cobbler.

Some of the 11th Ward Sisters

View from the hike we did

Group Picture
This was me after I lost 20 lbs with weight watchers the first time and little did I know it was also Clark's first camp out;)

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Julie said...

I love RS ward hikes. I've only been on one here in TX because it's hot. I hope we can have one someday again. It looks like you had a great time!