Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Freezer Family

I guess I am officially a Once a Month Cooking Mom(OAMCM) making us a freezer friendly family. I checked out a few books at the local library about the subject and I have a friend who is just starting to do it too. We cook a lot of meals one day and eat them almost every day making dinner is a snap. I have to admit a lot of mine are freezer to crock pot meals. So far so good and I hope to get better at it.

Also, I am so excited for my new crock pot coming in the mail soon. Check it out: My New Crock pot

Here is my freezer all with 21 easy meals and some lunches for the next two weeks for Levi. Can you imagine what I could do if we could buy an extra freezer for our apt?

P.S. The frozen banana's were put in a bag and I think I am missing a few stew bags.


Julie said...

Why haven't I thought to try this? It looks great! I'll have to check out some books. Which ones did you read?
My kids love frozen banana's as a snack too! I just found that out this summer! :)

Bonnie said...

Frozen banana's are the best in smoothies too. Just milk, banana and little vanilla and there you have it.

Books: Cook for a day eat for a month and Don't Panic Dinner is in the freezer.

I'm checking out some more this week and will let you know when I get them.