Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Freezer Meals 101

Many of you have asked me for recipes and tips for doing freezer meals. I am unable to address each one of you individually so I am just going to refer you to one of the many great books out there for freezer meals. "Dinner is Ready" is a great book that goes in detail with exactly how to cook thirty meals in one day. The author of the book is well seasoned in this art and her website is full of helpful books and software you can try. My Mom actually found me this book at a thrift store but you can order it online through the Authors website or amazon.

As far as recipes go hers are good ones to get you started and her software has them all stored electronically so you can print off shopping lists and labels. I would love to try that in the future but for now I am just doing that by hand. You can freeze many of your own meals(soups and chili's work great) just remember to under cook certain veggies so they don't disappear in the freeze, thaw, and reheat process. I don't do much pasta but I hear it really needs to be undercooked or even just toss the dry pasta in with your sauce and cook after you thaw your dinner. Chicken nuggets and other chicken dishes similar to that need to be frozen on a plate first then put into a bag.

Like I said this book goes in great detail of what you need to do exactly and I highly recommend this to get you started. I checked out a few books from the library too but have found this one to be the most helpful. Check out your local library to see what you can find on "once a month cooking" or "freezer meals" and let me know what books you like. Google has been a great resource of information and blogs from people who do this.

Also, if you are not a member of Money Saving Mom then you can sign up to get daily emails of how to be more fugal and she also has started doing freezer meals too and posts that every month.

Good luck on your freezer adventures!


Sarah said...

This is so great! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try it and see how it works. We want to become more healthy and money wise and I can see how this will help. I love seeing all your little projects. What a cute blanket. You're so talented! Yep, I'm a little jealous.

Samuel said...

Great idea!

Bonnie said...

Sarah, thanks for the comments. I created this blog so I can work on doing projects I want to do.

Sam, we love it you should try it.