Thursday, March 25, 2010

Organizing, Soup, and Freezer Meals

I really do love to organize and I'm sure people don't think that is much of a talent but I truly think it has always been one of my best talents. Even when I was a teenager I liked things a certain way and tried to be tidy. (I know my Mom is rolling her eyes right now but believe me I had a system). So when I came across a challenge of how to store Clark's old crib those creative organizing wheels started turning. I was going to just sell the crib but it wasn't really selling and we are hoping to have more children. So, I was talking to a friend about it and she simply said "don't you have a closet or something you could store it in?" That is all it took and shortly after that I came up with a solution. Below is a picture of Clark's closet and believe it or not a disassembled crib is in there. Three pieces behind the shelving unit and two pieces behind the mattress and yes there is still room for the jogging stroller. Maybe I should do this for a living.

I also finally got around to making that lovely Zuppa Tuscana soup from olive garden that I love way too much. I got a recipe from a friend and she will be disappointed to hear that I substituted the heavy whipping cream for fat free evaporated milk but it turned out so so good and I am testing a small sample to see if it is freezable. I doubt it is since the potatoes are so thin and cooked all the way through I fear they will melt but we will see. A great soup to have and to share with friends on a chili day or just any time.

We have been doing freezer meals for quite a while now and I feel like I am just barely getting the hang of it. This month I did over 30 meals and they fit perfectly into the freezer. I admit that most of them are soups that freeze well and make 3 to 4 dinners but I still think I am pretty good. Next time my goal is to do all the shopping in one day and then all the cooking the next day. Wish me luck on that one.

Here is the closet, behind the shelving unit is the long pieces and the bottom piece to the crib

Here is the mattress and the ends to the crib behind it. I'm pretty impressed.

My was really good and only 5 points a cup. (Actually not too great points wise but good enough)

Freezer for the month. Lot's of good food and it will be so easy to use and to have so we are less likely to eat out.

I even had room to spare in the door so I loaded that up with extra meat that I didn't use in the meals. We still have plenty for crockpot meals and I even got a good deal on some steaks. just to get the A1 sauce.


Brian and Tonya said...

Organizing is definately a talent, one that I wish I had. And wow, I thought that all those frozen meals would take up more room but they are pretty compact. You are absolutely amazing.

Lynette said...

Wow..i can't believe there is a crib in there, I never would have guessed! And that soup looks soo about a recipe? I definitely need to get crackin' on making a few freezer meals, anything to help us not go out as much would be great!

Samuel said...

Stuffed Freezer, Stuffed closet, perfect I wish I could ge my life in order like this. Great job you!

Bonnie said...