Monday, May 17, 2010

Cooking Day

Last Saturday was my cooking day:) I actually was able to get all the shopping done the day before and almost all the cooking done the next day. A few new things I tried was making frozen pizza's using this recipe but using whole wheat flour and a little white flour. A ham and cheese braid using my friend's roll recipe that I love making with whole wheat flour. We will see how that works out. I did about 35 meals plus another crock pot one I am going to be doing today. I do have a small family of three so most of the meals are smaller portions so that is why I can do some much and fit it all in my freezer but it is still a lot of work. Here is a new website a friend introduced to me that I used a lot this month.

The freezer:

Ham and cheese braid

Not the best twist job in the world

My pizza dough. I just put foil on my pizza stone and rolled it right on the tin foil that way I can just unwrap it and put it right in the oven. I put toppings on the pizza too after the dough had chilled in the freezer about 20 minutes. I hope this works:)

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