Friday, May 14, 2010

Feels Good to be Done

I did it! I gave my presentation on Home Organization and it went very well. Everyone was very nice and I actually was able to say what I wanted to with out the nerves getting too much in the way. I almost wish I had a picture of the event but here is the hand out I made for it. Just so you know these are things I do and I don't claim to be the sole creator of coming up with the ideas but they are things I have learned on my journey:)

Home Organizing

1 De-clutter

* Do I use this daily, weekly, or monthly? If not is it worth keeping?
* Do I know some one who could use this? If so ask them and act accordingly
* Can I sell this and get a little cash? If so sell it and save the cash to purchase some home storage.
* Limit trips to the store and pay with cash or use a set budget so you are not tempted to over spend
* Always have a donation pile you can add to as you realize you aren’t using something

2 Limit and Replace

* How many of this item do I have? How many do I need? Get rid of duplicates.
* Categorize your things and limit how much space those items can take up.
* Once you have set a limit stick to it by replacing items instead of adding items.
* Before you buy anything think to yourself if you need it, how often would you use it, and where will you store it.

3 Store

* Think of the storage spaces you have in your home. Measure them and use your space in every way….height, width, and depth.
* Decide what you want to store in each space. Store it in the place that makes the most sense to you
* After you have de-cluttered and limited then get anything extra (shelves, totes, baskets) that you will use to keep it all together. Be creative and thrifty in this process.
* Always use what you have before buying anything new to use for storage and organizing.
* Don’t overwhelm yourself just do one thing at a time. Think about scheduling a time to organize and do as much as you can in that allotted time. Work on easier projects first to give yourself some early success.

4 Is it worth it?

* Storage unit: Cost vs. Keep: Is the yearly cost of your storage unit worth keeping the items that are stored there
* Large amounts of anything: Moderation in all things…too much of anything isn’t a good thing
* Stuff vs. Quality Time: Buying stuff for your family can never replace the quality time they would rather have with you making memories together.

Scriptures to Remember

Mosiah 4:27 Don’t run faster than you have strength.

Ether 12:27 Weakness made strong

D&C 88: 118-119 Organize yourselves

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