Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The other day I went to a RS meeting about finances, refurbishing furniture, and thrifting. I am just getting started with my thriftiness but I have enjoyed it so far. The whole meeting inspired me and when I was looking at craigslist at the free section this totally left an impression on me. Originally I thought I would have no room for it and no need....but then my creative juices started flowing and let's just say I have several ideas for this beauty and with the right touch it could be in the family a long time. I drove the 12 miles to get it, not knowing if it would be available, and when I got to the house it wasn't on the curb and I almost left...then the more bold side of me took over and I rang the doorbell and bluntly asked them about it and surprisingly enough it was there...a jewel in the midst of their garage. Thanks to the great family that gave it to me and for helping me put it in my little car, they really went above and beyond. People can be just so very nice:)

Probably not any time soon but in the future this piece is going to be an amazing blog post...and if not the journey has been fun so far.

P.S. Best part is that it has an old radio in it...not sure if I am keeping it but cool non the less.

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Julie said...

This does look cool and has a lot of potential. Keep us posted with what you do with it!