Monday, June 28, 2010


So the other week at the grocery store I splurged on a watermelon. I say splurge because it wasn't the greatest price I have ever seen on watermelon but it is summer and I LOVE THEM! I learned somewhere how to pick a good watermelon and so I practiced and looked and found one that was a pretty green and went to pick it up and boy was it heavy, which is a really good sign, after putting it in the cart and when my arms recovered I bought my groceries and naturally weighed it when I got home. I got on the scale first then held the watermelon and got on and it was exactly 17 pounds! Can you believe didn't look that big but it was heavy. I was very, very excited so when I cut it open (minutes later) it was the best color of red I had ever seen. It was of course the best watermelon I have ever tasted; I think I say that about the first one every year though.


Bobby Sue said...

I love summer fruits! I was planning on putting a picture of my fruit this week on my blog too. :)

Julie said...

they are sale at safeway for 3.88, i just picked one up! I am so glad you enabled your blog to have comments!