Monday, January 3, 2011

It's a New Year 2011

Wow, a new year already! I can't believe but boy am I ready for it:) Here is a review of my goals from last year and my new goals for this year.

2010 Goals and Review
Spritual Study at least once a day: I did pretty good with this one and it helped me to be able to use other resources along with scripture study and has devloped into a morning devotional. I give myself a B since I wasn't consistent the whole year but I was able to get a new routine by the end of the year.
Buy a Sewing Machine: I got one on sale the begining of the year as kind of a birthday present. It is nice not to have to borrow from friends and be able to use it whenever I want. I get an A+
Make a Twin Quilt: Well, you can't win them all I get a big F for this one since funds were low and I wasn't able to buy any material for it. I do still hope to do this in the future but now isn't the time.
Make a baby quilt: I get an A++ for this one since I made several and figured out my signature recieving blanket that I like to make. I made many this past year making it hard to achieve my previous goal so I get brownie points on this one.
Make a Crib Sheet: I lost count on just how many of these I made. The are so cute and easy and are a perfect gift so I really mastered this one. I get an A++ again.

New Goals for 2011
Morning Daily Devotionals including scripture study: I heard of a friend doing this with her family and thought it was a great idea and it has been going well but it is still in the works. My goal is to polish the routine to ensure that I get my daily dose of spirituality every day.
Combine a Recipe Book: As you know I do freezer meals often for me and my family and this year I would like to finally finish a menu and combine all our favorite recipes into a book. Wish me luck this one can be the most daunting of all my goals this year.
Create a Diet and Exercise Plan and follow through with it: Well, I have gained a good 20 lbs the last half of 2010 and would like to get my diet and exercise plan back on track this I plan to do by joining WW again and to get a realistic and doable exercise plan of my own.
Attend a Girl's night out once a month: This one is the fun one to balance out the difficulty of the other goals. I will do this by either attending RS meetings(Church woman's group), going out with a few friends or hosting a girls night. I need this as a goal so I can remember to take time out for myself.


Bobby Sue said...

I like your girls night idea. I think I'm going to start my own blog too like you have here that is just me. We'll see what I get to.

Julie said...

You did a very great job on all your goals in 2010! I'm sad that I didn't write down my 2010 goals because I can't remember or compare to how I did on them. So, the fact that you did is incredible!
I'm looking forward to hearing about your goals throughout the year. You will gain so much even in just the attempt to do so.
And guess what, I have written my goals for 2011. We're both on the right track.
I love you, sis.