Monday, April 25, 2011

A Skill Is Forming

I have a bread making skill that is forming and I am getting better and better. It is not easy and I don't live to make bread or anything but I sure do enjoy having home made baked items on hand.

Here is my first attempt at home made buns and they turned out great:) Also, I am really into steaming fresh green beans and adding the smallest hint of butter and and some garlic salt for flavor.

Here are some bunny buns we made for Conference weekend. I got the idea from a church magazine called The Friend. We couldn't wait for them to cool to frost them and I just used our favorite pretzel recipe.

Here is my latest and greatest! I perfected the Hamburger buns and boy was this good to have for dinner.


Julie said...

I am impressed, those buns look super tasty!

Bobby Sue said...

Oh my gosh! You just made me so hungry! They look so good!

Lynette said...

those hamburger buns look amazing!!!