Monday, September 13, 2010

Motor Free Mondays

I've decided to have Motor Free Monday's. This is one day a week that I will not use my car(unless an emergency). When I was serving an LDS mission in WV we had cars but restrictions on how many miles we could go and so once a month we would have a car fast where we would not use our car for anything for one day. This could be quite the challenge at times but it taught me a lot and we rarely went over our mileage for the month. So that is where the idea came from but I think I want to do it just to save a little money and encourage walking a little more plus it is a little better on our environment too. I live in a fairly walkable community so this shouldn't be too hard to do, plus Monday is laundry day. Wish me luck.


kimi + joe said...

That's a great idea! Enjoy while the weather is still beautiful.

Jones said...

love it! We can still walk a lot of places...but there isn't a grocery store close enough :( I miss apt living for that reason. Usually the community is more walkable when you're in an apt.

Julie said...

This would be quite difficult in my area and with my large family size but I do try to have days that I go very little places. This is an amazing idea! I wish you luck!